3D Printing

Welcome to 3D Printing at POLSER Elementary

Day 2 and 3_ 3D Drawing and Tinkercad


Examples to review together.

Draw your project on grid paper. To have the correct dimensions use precise measurement. You will duplicate your drawing in Tinkercad.


  • measurement in mm
  • Is it 3D or 2D?
  • Have an adult in the class check it before you move on.


You have already gone through these tutorials.  Do you have questi0ns about how they completed any of the tutorials?

Tutorials     https://www.tinkercad.com

  • Key Ring, Letters
  • Scale, Copy and Paste
  • Creating Hole
  • Learning the Move
  • Camera Control
  • Die on the Workplace.


In a painting or drawing, you use guidelines and techniques to give your work a feeling of depth.


Drawing in 3D in Tinkercad actually uses an additive and subtractive process.



Let's work on a few skills that the tutorials did not cover.

Align objects:

  1. Place a sphere and a cube on the work plane
  2. Select both  - To select all - Cntrl +A  OR hold down the left click button on a mouse and draw around the objects you want to choose.
  3. Click on the align tool - you have several options - hover over each option and there is a preview

Creating pattern - 

  1. Drag a triangle onto the work plane
  2. Select the shape (do not unselect the shape)
  3. Choose option duplicate while the cube is selected
  4. Use keyboard arrows to shift left or right, or use the arrow to change the z-axis (I am going to rotate this example in place.)
  5. Click duplicate repeatedly
  6. Changing the orientation of your view will allow you to continue your pattern in a new direction.

Rotation in place


Trick?  Yes, make it shorter on the duplicate prior to moving with the keyboard arrows.  Then, duplicate!

Creating a circular pattern-

  1. Place W on workplace
  2. Click duplicate
  3. Drag a copy of the W / rotate it  (You might want to zoom in closely to be sure the shapes are aligned like you would like for them to be. Hold down the control key on the keyboard and tap the plus sign.)
  4. A circle has how many degrees?
  5. Use interior snap it will auto-fill the circle exactly / or you can divide the number you want into 360 degrees 

Shape generators-

  • Drop down menu  - varied options

Review - 

  1. How do you make sure your object is on the work plane?
  2. What is the greatest angle you may have on any part of a shape and still print? 
  3. Which of these items will print and why will it print? 

They are the same grouping of objects, why did I check different views to check if it will print?


Will this object print?  Why or why not? (Hint: What is the maximum angle within an object?)

How can I fix it?


X, Y, Z axes: an axis is an imaginary line about which an object can rotate, which also serves as a fixed reference for measuring position. In a Cartesian coordinate system, the z-axis is perpendicular to both the x-axis and y-axis and usually represents depth or the third dimension. You can lift objects up from the workplane and along the z-axis by using the black arrow pointing up from the center of the object.