3D Printing

Welcome to 3D Printing at POLSER Elementary

Parent Permission and Tutorials

Notes to parents:

  1. Parent Letter 

    • Parent's please print and sign the parent letter
    • Create your child's account: https://www.tinkercad.com (This is a web-based account, thus you do not need to download the program.  Their work will be saved on Tinkercad's servers.)
    • Give your child the username and password for your Tinkercad Account the teacher may not perform this task for you. You may sign them up on your cell phone.

After you have a username and password, you may begin the tutorials. Success requires access to a mouse. This will work on a Chromebook, however, you will have better success with a larger screen found on one of these options: MAC, MAC AIR, or PC. You will be given time to work on these in class.  The Lewisville Public Library has a 3D printer. You may submit your print project here:

If you make something you wish to have printed Frisco public library has a printer. They also have classes. Your parents may join the library as a nonresident for $50.00.  https://friscolibrary.com/



  • https://www.tinkercad.com
  • Click on the tab that says Learn: (https://www.tinkercad.com/learn/)
  • You will do all 6 tutorials. You will find it easier if you do them in this order:
    1. Key Ring, Letters
    2. Scale, Copy and Paste
    3. Creating Holes
    4. Learning the Moves
    5. Camera Controls
    6. Die on the Workplace
    After each tutorial close the tutorial and create the project in Tinkercad. We will check your progress during the first session together by reviewing this files.