3D Printing


After using a printer that took 10 hours to print a single object, this printer is quick in comparison.  After the first time I saw it several years ago at ESC Region 11, I have longed for this printer.  I wanted to use ABS filament because it has a smoother print finish. The features that are mandatory for using ABS are a heated print bed and a full enclosure. The HEPA filter allows you to use ABS in a small "enclosed" area (my office). It is a great little printer. Keep in mind that it has a steeper learning curve than the MakerBot. I think the learning will be fun and worth every minute!

What sets this printer out from the crowd? Customer Service!!

  • Daniel trained us. This very young man has such patience and expertise. He has the soul of a teacher, exhibits amazing, patience and expertise.  He came to our office and walked Leah and me through the programs, printer setup,  and answered all of the questions we could think of to ask. 
  • I have used another printer, and getting help just is not possible. Robin picks up the phone instantly or returns calls in a timely way!
  • What can I say about Ed?  When an expert has the task of helping someone with a new program or product over the phone is a challenge at best. PolyPrinter picked the right man for the job. He walked me through and identified my errors quickly. I was printing again in no time. He did not even once elude to the fact we might need to replace the user and try again!  Thank you Ed!

PolyPrinter's Educator Recommendation - "We recommend educators new to 3D printing start with a PolyPrinter 229. It is reliable, fast, and easy to use. All the instruction needed is provided in our initial training, which is 2-3 hours of personalized training on PolyPrinter hardware and software." 

  1.  User Manual from PolyPrinter
  2. User software for Windows 64 Bit (Runs better on Windows 10)
  3. Technical Information (printing specs/printer dimensions)
  4. Filament
  5.  SMU Innovation Gym Tutorial for Poly Printer
  6. Twitter (@PolyPrinter_3D)

Image from PolyPrinter