3D Printing

McKamy Middle School

Trista Abernethy 7th and 8th grade math teacher at McKamy Middle School in Flower Mound partnered with:

  • Library Media Specialist, Katie Cox
  • Instructional Technology Facilitator, Merriam Wyne
  • Emerging Technologies Specialist, Jody Rentfro 
  • Library Media Instructional Specialist, Leah Mann
  • Secondary Math Curriculum Specialist,  Jimmy Fuller
  • Keep Flower Mound Beautiful (Community Connection)
  • Moore Disposal (Business Connection)

Essential Questions:

  • How can math help me create a product that impacts the world around me? (Empathy for Design Thinking)

  • How do mathematical representations help us understand and define situations in the real world?

  • How does an understanding of proportionality help me solve different types of real world problems?

Students will be able to independently use their learning to…

  • Create a three-dimensional product by applying volume and surface area concepts including restraints and conditions to solve real world problems. (Demonstrated with: TinkerCad, 3D printing, 3D model from other materials, and draw a net)

  • Deliver an effective mathematical argument to convince others of quantitative findings.

  • Use mathematical understandings to impact the quality of life for all and make contributions to a greater society.

  • Solve problems in new and unfamiliar situations, determine reasonableness of solutions, and justify solutions.

Introduction to Design Thinking: Understanding Empathy, Creating a Presentation, the Creative Process

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