Minecraft Pi - programming with python

Minecraft is a popular sandbox open world-building game. A free version of Minecraft is available for the Raspberry Pi; it also comes with a programming interface. This means you can write commands and scripts in Python code to build things in the game automatically. It's a great way to learn Python!


By following this resource with your Raspberry Pi you will learn:

  • How to setup Minecraft on the Raspberry Pi
  • How to access Minecraft Pi and create a new world
  • How to use the Python programming environment IDLE to connect to Minecraft Pi
  • How to use the Minecraft Python API to post text to the chat window, find the player's coordinates, teleport and build structures
  • How to use variables to store IDs for different types of blocks
  • Experimenting with placing different types of blocks with special attributes

There are no additional hardware requirements for this resource beyond the Raspberry Pi and usual peripherals. (The usual peripherals include have a display monitor, keyboard,  appropriate cords to connect p to the keyboard and monitor, and a wifi stick for the pi.)

There are no additional software requirements for this resource beyond what is pre-installed in the current Raspbian image. To make sure your SD card is up-to-date, see the updating Raspbian guide.

This tutorial teaches you python, too!