Announcement from MinecraftEdu - 1/2016

Microsoft Will Acquire MinecraftEdu

As you might have already heard, Microsoft will be acquiring MinecraftEdu from TeacherGaming. Microsoft also announced that they are working on a new educational version, Minecraft: Education Edition. You can read our announcement here. You can find a FAQ on our website but here are some quick facts for current MinecraftEdu users:

  • You can keep using MinecraftEdu as long as you like.
  • MinecraftEdu sales will continue normally for now, but will likely end in the next few months.
  • MinecraftEdu owners will be offered one year of service for the new Education Edition for free by Microsoft.
  • MinecraftEdu Classroom Server Hosting will keep working, and you can still sign up for new cloud servers.
  • TeacherGaming won’t be going anywhere and we have new exciting plans for the future!

If you have any questions not covered in FAQ, contact us!

MinecraftEdu Classroom Server Hosting Exits Beta

MinecraftEdu Classroom Server Hosting recently exited beta and you can sign up on our website. This means we can host a fast, powerful server for you in the cloud that supports all of MinecraftEdu’s features. You can add servers to your existing MinecraftEdu account, or include it with a new order of MinecraftEdu licenses.

MinecraftEdu Classroom Server Hosting will continue to operate normally even after the Education Edition is launched. You can choose to keep using it, and you’ll continue to receive our white-glove service. Microsoft’s Education Edition of Minecraft will not offer a hosting option. So if you’re looking for a cloud-based server solution, get your MinecraftEdu licenses while they last!

Purchase MinecraftEdu Classroom Server Hosting here.