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Ocolus Rift - August 8, 2016


prices drop! $499

Read this review before you buy one.


Games, movies, movement and more: How far can VR go?

- excerpts from the article

What is holding us back from buying one? $$

Top-end VR certainly isn't cheap: The Oculus Rift will set you back US$599, plus extra for the Oculus Touch controllers (which are coming later this year), while the HTC Vive sells for $799. On top of that, for both headsets, you're going to need a highish-end gaming PC, which, built from scratch, will be approaching $1,000.00.

Space to experience the environment:

Mind tricks like this Unlimited Corridor (where a player walks in a circle but software tricks the brain into thinking he or she is going straight ahead) might quite literally offer a way forward but again a substantial amount of space is needed.

Competition with AR?

Another "problem" facing VR may well be its ultimate solution: augmented (or mixed) reality (AR), something you're no doubt familiar with if you've played Pokémon Go. Essentially it's digital graphics laid on top of the real world.