Emerging Technology



What is it? 5G has the potential to offer speeds up to 40 times faster than 4G -- fast enough to stream "8K" video in 3-D or download a 3-D movie in about 6 seconds (on 4G, it would take 6 minutes).

When is it predicted to hit the market?  Verizon (VZTech30) has said that it is working on 5G technology with the aim of bringing it to market much sooner -- as early as 2017.

How does it work? A lot of the wireless companies' 5G experimentation is taking place in super-high frequencies -- as high as 73,000 MHz. Today's cell phone networks broadcast signal in a range of 700 MHz to 3,500 MHz.

Update: Where are we now with 5G?

1/10/17 - 5G Roadmap: Are We There Yet? Eric Starkloff / Forbes Technology Council

One of their challenges is increaded network capacity. Currently, researchers are looking at higher-frequency communications in the millimeter wave bands (30GHz or above) where larger bands of frequency are available.