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Google Cardboard

Posted August 2016

Want to buy VR viewers for your library?

You  can pay $3.99 to 100 dollars.  The main thing is to buy one that will accommodate any phone.

Some apps are finally here that are FREE!Google Cardboard –

Google recently introduced the photography app that now lets you take 360-degree, virtual reality photos and view them through Cardboard. To take a suitable pic, download the app to your Android phone (iPhone support is coming), hold you phone and move it around in a circle. The app will do the rest, stitching together images and capturing audio. It even works with Google Street VR so you can add 3D locations to your favorite locations as well. I’m downloading this right now! I’m so totally excited! 

Free, Google Play

Posted August 2015

Headsets are built out of simple, low-cost components. The headset specifications were designed by Google, but there is no official manufacturer or vendor for the device. Instead, Google made the list of parts, schematics, and assembly instructions freely available on their website, allowing people to assemble Cardboard themselves from readily available parts. These parts are a piece of cardboard cut into a precise shape, 45 mmfocal length lensesmagnets or capacitive tape, a hook and loop fastener (such as Velcro), a rubber band, and an optional near field communication (NFC) tag. Google provides extra recommendations for large scale manufacturing, and pre-assembled kits based on these plans are available for less than $5[4] from multiple vendors, who have also created a number of Cardboard variations. (I have purchased and used several different options. For durability select plastic glasses.)

Once the kit is assembled, a smartphone is inserted in the back of the device and held in place by the selected fastening device. A Google Cardboard–compatible app splits the smartphone display image into two, one for each eye, while also applying barrel distortion to each image to counter pincushion distortion from the lenses.[5]The result is a stereoscopic ("3D") image with a wide field of view.


Apps for Google Cardboard:

I want to make my own movies!  It is more technical than you think, but watching them wows adults and engages kids!

  360 degree camera used for Google Cardboard

Google's approach to VR is amazing.. Techs predict that Cardboard will eventually become consumer gear that's on the horizon from Oculus and Sony, but there's something to be said for making the most dirt-cheap version possible, and using it in ways that can open future generations' eyes a little wider. Change the world first, make a hit product later.

Slashing costs for VR

Compare Cardboard's cost to  Facebook’s Oculus Rift (about $350 for the viewer or $1,500 for a pro-sumer content creation system), Samsung VR (about $235), and other virtual reality headsets,. The experience is supposed to be about the same.

GoPro is creating a Jump-compatible 360-degree camera array that uses 16 of its HERO4 camera modules, plus technology that enables them all to act seamlessly. The cost of the device is not yet known.