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Wearables - 

The Wearables Marketplace featured everything from high-tech fashion and smart jewelry to wearables that track your mood, activity and even your pets, as well as the newest augmented reality devices.

Collaborations between sensors, low-energy Bluetooth, cloud computing, 3D printing, flexible membranes and more are transforming age-old fashions to the next global trend.

Many devices  expand upon the fitbit. However, some have moved to change the design of our clothing to be interactive.

"For CuteCircuit's dress, the team created a graphene composite that conducts electricity.
The dress has graphene-enhanced sensors lined throughout the garment's top half that capture the wearer's breathing patterns."
Deep breaths turn the lights from purple to turquoise, while lighter ones make the LEDs switch from orange to green.
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  • The world's first touch-enabled, programmable t-shirt is here! Grab one and baffle everyone! by  Jaltee
  • Sygnal - Know how much you worked out! Try new places and routes, and leave the navigation to us. Experience more every day! by Jaltee
  • Shoe Charger with nanogenerator system via kinetic Energy
  • Using eye-tracking technology, fashion designer Ying Gao has created a set of dresses that move when someone is looking at them. When the garment is gazed at for a time, tiny motors move parts of it in patterns. The dresses also glow. covered in photo-luminescent thread or featuring glow-in-the-dark threads that make up the base layer of fabric. (from CNN)