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Mission Possible--designing creative lessons for everyoneParticipants will experience a design challenge to learn how making can support instruction. Not creative? You don’t have to be!

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WHAT IS THIS MAKING YOU SPEAK OF? - It is not about Technology or tools it is about designing and thinking! Making is an attitude towards the world. In education is it less about the how and much more about the pedagogy and the why.

Who are we?

    • Leah Mann Library Media Services Instruction Specialist
    • Jody Rentfro, Emerging Technologies Instructional Specialist (and ex-Art teacher!)

What do we do?  As  LISD librarians implement MakerSpaces and STEAM labs we partner with others to facilitate the creation of an experience that focuses on a practical and creative resolution to problems.  The students work through a  solution-focused thinking process with the intent of producing a solution to a problem they define.


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  • Get with your Team (If you don't have a team, join one.)
  • This is your Mission;

You are going to be a new type of school in LISD.  I'm sure this comes with many concerns, perhaps fears, and a lot of excitement to go into uncharted territory.  On this adventure, you will take many of your old teaching strategies and tools, but new environments require new innovations.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to design a new classroom tool for a teacher or student that you think you will need in your new learning environment. 


Use the LISD Engineering Design Process (as seen below) start at "ASK

Record your learning process however you wish to share it with the group.

How do you feel about this process?  (reflection)

    • What frustrates you?
    • What makes you happy?
    • How do you overcome hurdles? 
    • How did you get comfortable with your team?
    • Did you find that individual strengths help support the group as a whole?

 Present your Solution: Share with the group your team's tool and why you think you might need it. What were your feelings during the creation process?


How has this looked when we worked with kids?

SharkTank Briarhill 


Do you just love this?  Join this group!

Dallas MakerSpcace


 STEM process from Jonas Green

FYI - 

There are many schools of thought on what steps are addressed in the engineering design process. Lewisville ISD has adopted a specific model for the STEM schools.

For more information contact Jonas Green.