Coding Websites

Great for all levels (1st grade up)


Coding for Primary Students

(Note: these have not been tested. Please proceed with caution. Terms of use change frequently.)

Coding for Intermediate Students

  • Scratch
  • Alice
  • Mozilla Webmaker
  • Made with Code
  • Cargo-Bot (APP)
  • Hopscotch  - not for children under 13 - Can chat and not be detected.)  Will have blocked by LISD.
  • Raspberry Pi  See information about Raspberry Pi in this book for more details. (for Techy kids!)
  • Arduino See information about Arduino in this book for more details (for Techy kids!)
  • The FoosThe Foos is an award-winning, completely word-free game  that turns  programming into play. (with lesson plans!)

Coding for Secondary