Raspberry Pi

What to Buy

What to Buy:

This is good for 1 project. You need several for groups of kids.

Rule of Thumb - This will do 1 thing well and only 1 thing. Choose wisely! ; )

  • SD Card
    • We recommend an 8GB class 4 SD card – ideally preinstalled with NOOBS. You can buy a card with NOOBS pre-installed, or you can download it for free from our downloads page. BUY another card  that is not in the kit with everything installed!
  • Display and connectivity cables (NOT IN KIT)
    • Any HDMI/DVI monitor or TV should work as a display for the Pi . For best results, use one with HDMI input, but other connections are available for older devices. Use a standard Ethernet cable for internet access.
  • Keyboard and mouse (NOT IN KIT)
    • Any standard USB keyboard and mouse will work with your Raspberry Pi.
  • Power supply (in some kits)
    • Use a 5V micro USB power supply to power your Raspberry Pi. Be careful that whatever power supply you use outputs at least 5V; insufficient power will cause your Pi to behave in strange ways
  • Internet connection
    • To update or download software, we recommend that you connect your Raspberry Pi to the internet either via an ethernet cable or a wifi adapter.The kit has a wifi stick. You need one.
  • Headphones
    • Headphones or earphones with a 3.5mm jack will work with your Raspberry Pi.