Coding Old Settlers

Coding Lesson


Working with Sounds and events


Select Create  

Select Sounds
Close the tutorial window
Select the sound icon at the bottom of the page on the left.

 - pick 3 animal sounds - Click this icon each time you want to add a new sound to your sound library.

Making a Sound Pattern

Select the tab that says code 

We will only use the sound tab and the code tab today.

The options under code will be sound and events. 

I have 3 sounds. My sequence is A / B / C. When I repeat this sequence it becomes a pattern.

What other patterns could I create?

How many times did I repeat my pattern?

Your turn! Add sounds, and use controls to create patterns.  The patterns can be music, or just sounds.


We will not save our files thus we are COPPA and FERPA compliant.  No dissinmation of student information to 3rd parties will be made.