Hebron Valley Grade 2_Poetry in Every Subject!

Day 4 and 5 - All hands on Deck!_Scratch

45-60 mins. both days)- All hands on deck: Students will be given copies of the song lyrics to Pharrell Williams’ Happy. They will discuss the rhythm, patterns, rhyme, and imagery of the lyrics, recognizing that when set to music, the poem now has sound.

Jody will also talk about artists who can see sounds. Pharrell Williams is such an artist. See full art lesson for integration during this process.

Then, students will create their own poetry “songs” with Scratch and the MakeyMakeys, including patterns, rhythm and sounds to create an image. We will use Library Services iPads to record students’ work, placing each file in a Google folder for teachers and students to access for possible assessment and e-portfolio use.

Wrap-up/reflect- Students write their own poem, and include a reflection about how poems use rhythm, rhyme, and pattern to create images and make meaning, identifying where those elements are in their own poem, and how they’ve created imagery.