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Poetry Grade 2 - 

Copyright permission for Teachers

Fair Use in Education

34 Performing, playing or showing work in course of activities of educational establishment.

(1)The performance of a literary, dramatic or musical work before an audience consisting of teachers and pupils at an educational establishment and other persons directly connected with the activities of the establishment—

(a)by a teacher or pupil in the course of the activities of the establishment, or

(b)at the establishment by any person for the purposes of instruction,

is not a public performance for the purposes of infringement of copyright.

(2)The playing or showing of a sound recording, film [F2or broadcast] before such an audience at an educational establishment for the purposes of instruction is not a playing or showing of the work in public for the purposes of infringement of copyright.

Music and Lyrics

To Teacher - How may I be copyright compliant?

    1. Legally purchase the song Happy by Pharrell Williams - suggestion:

Do not stream the music from a subscription like Netflix or Pandora. Read their terms of service, often it explicitly states it is for personal use only and is not to be shared.  

    1. Display (do not print the lyrics)

      1. Lyrics accessed at (Terms of Service allow this use at this site.)

    2. Cite the work


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