Dr. Kim Kinnaird and Alissa Cornelius are now piloting Codesters. Thank you to Codesters for providing their students with this opportunity!  If you wish to know more, feel free to contact them.

Everyone can try a class free.  Try it!

Bought it?

If you purchase the program - Every teacher class comes with an intro to coding. Just add additional classes - have them log in with their LISD Google account.  Share your key with them and they will connect to the right class.

What type of Code?

Python coding 

  • Note that the backgrounds and sprites that are used are not python, it is a different code in the background .-
  • 1 course is pure python. 
  • About 80%  of universities are teaching python in universities for intro to coding.

Radom Information

  • Lessons are auto-graded.
  • Click plus sign and you can see everything they have done.
  • You can turn lesson off and on.
  • Each lesson takes approx. 30 min.
  • Projects are contingent upon how much you choose for them to do based on time. (Create projects are designed.)
  • See attached pacing guide.
  • First 5 lessons are free for any of you to try!
  • Be sure to have green check before you click submit.
  • Projects are not auto-graded. The kids submit to teachers for them to review it.
  • Class Page allows for projects to be shared on the class page.  They also can text or email their card to a recipient. 
  • Can share gallery page with parents.
  • Kids can change language preference to Spanish or Mandarin
  • Lesson plans for teacher - with answer keys - rubric - daily walk0throughs (delivery guide / vocabulary / discussion questions/ common errors / answers to the debugging activities)
  • Area for creative self-guided, student choice projects. - projects are kept in public area
  • iPad needs a keyboard - works better with Mac Cart
  • Getting ready for the first-day email from Codesters.


  1. Select the support tab down on bottom left -support if the teacher can't figure it out
  2. The child puts the code into the window
  3. Within an hour (ish) during the business day a coding professional at the company will review the code and sends where the child is making a mistake