What are Ozobots?

Ozobotos are a 1 inch programmable robot that utilizes optical sensors to detect color patterns.  The autonomous robot works on different surfaces which allows it to interface with apps on an iPad. It follows black, red, green, and blue paths that control its movement and speed in different directions.  The goal of the Ozobot is to introduce kids to simple coding and, at the same time, teach skills such as deductive reasoning.

Teacher Review


  • will not work with iPad mini (must be used on at least a 9inch iPad)
  • Ozobot app
  • OzoGroove

Code options for the device-

  • Speed
  • Direction
  • Timers
  • Cool moves
  • Counters

Lessons for ozobot - (some are vague and aligned to any standards)

These can be found at

Classroom applications -


The curriculum is aligned to common core, so the teachers would need to align it to the TEKS themselves.


So how much for a 1 inch robot?

 A true class set is $1200.00


  1. Ozobot Washable Markers  $6.00 from Ozobot (SEVERAL SETS)
  2. Evollve Ozobot Smart Robotic Game Piece - $52.00 from 5+ stores

Check with purchasing for the district approved vendor if you are using district funds.