Cubelets at College Street

Cubelets at College Street

Prior to testing Cubelets we looked at the TEKS to see how they would align to the curriculum.This is a very brief overview of how you might align them.

Cubelets loaned us complete sets of Cubelets for an entire class. We had the students explore the modular robotics creation. It was a very successful day!  Their lessons are not aligned with the TEKS, however we were able to align it with Math and Language Arts TEKS K-5.  

Michelle Brosi, Library Media Specialist at College Street  and our partner for the day, can also give you her thoughts.

A set of 20 will run about $500.00. This will accommodate a group of 4 kids collaborating and working together. They have added a blue tooth cube so you can code them. which now allow them to be K-12.