Ollie Initial Set-up

Steps for set-up (Ollie):

  1. Decide on they type of  tire tread you will use.  During testing we found the outdoor tread worked on all surfaces.

  2. Make sure the device is charged overnight. This will not charge in just a few minutes.

  3. Android and Apple platforms were both used for testing. The interface was slightly different during the initial setup, however they both functioned the same.

The steps for getting the device awake and going are as follows:

  • Open the app. (The app is called Ollie in the App Store and Google Play)

  • Choose drive mode

  • Touch your device (smartphone or iPad) to the Ollie to initialize the start-up

  • The app will ask you to name your Ollie. You can choose to do this, or not. It has a sense of humor- it will give you grief about the name you chose- it’s just part of the fun!

  • Follow the prompts of your device, and get driving!