Code-a-pillar _Coyote Ridge Elementary_Pre-K

Code-a-pillar is made by Fisher-Price's Think & Learn series. It helps small children problem solve distance and direction. 

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Codepillars- Coyote Ridge ES

A fun way to teach and reinforce key concepts from The Very Hungry Caterpillar while introducing coding!

Grade Pre-K
Subject Englah Language Arts, Science


Involved Staff:

  • Cynthia Turner- Pre-K teacher
  • Bethany Watts- Library Media Specialist
  • Kim Estrada- Elementary Science Facilitator
  • Library Media Instructional Specialist

Ms. Cynthia Turner, Pre-K teacher at Coyote Ridge, collaborated with librarian Bethany Watts to teach students directions and introduce them to the concept of coding, while reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Kim Estrada, Elementary Science Facilitator lent her expertise with 4th nine weeks content and curriculum to decide the direction of the lesson.

After the meeting, Ms. Turner and Ms. Watts used the LISD elementary Science framework for lesson planning. The day before the coding lesson with the codepillars, Ms. Watts read The Very Hungry Caterpillar to the class, and she and Ms. Turner reviewed and pre-taught the key concepts of lesson.

On Day 2, Library Media Services  provided the  code-a-pillars,  technical and instructional support to the staff members and the students.