Ozobots Camey Elementary

Bernadette Trammell is a cutting edge librarian who has been implementing makerspaces, STEAM opportunities, robotics, and coding experiences for her students for several years. She had her 4th grade students utilize Ozobots to learn coding with color patterns. It has 25 unique code commands to control Ozobot's speed, direction , and behavior. 

Each student was given a  tree map to focus their thinking. (information supplied to students in tree map). As a group we predicted what it was, how it would work, and listed the fact we could determine from prior knowledge. The 4th grade students came to the conclusion that a sensor was in the Ozobot that could detect colors and it was reprogrammed! They used the tree map to write a paper in their classroom to explain how and Ozobot works.

Ms. Trammell gave them choices on how they would explore to learn more about how it worked. The students:

  • Used other types of markers
  • Tried pencils
  • Varied the width and length of the lines
  • tried different sized curves and patterns
  • Ran the code backwards to see what would happen etc...

The student pictured above with Ms. Trammell was so excited in class. I asked him why he liked the Ozobot. He said, "I could do it the first time I tried. That made it fun to use!" 


The Ozobot Education website includes many great pre-made lesssons.