Ozobot Hedrick MS

Ozobots used to do procedural writing?  YES!

Grade 7
Subject ELA

Ms. Jessica Dax, from Hedrick Middle School uses her district provided resources to innovate instruction.

She partnered with:

  • Instructional Technology Facilitator,Michael Vick
  • Secondary ELA Instructional Specialist, 
  • The Campus Library Media Specialist, Katie Shropshire
  • Instructional Library Media Specialist
  • Emerging Technologies Specialist to transform a procedural writing assignment.

The method for how the children would take notes was their choice. It was interesting to observe some students taking notes on their iPads, while some were taking notes on paper, however, many were shooting video notes.  

Michael Vick supplied the students with a "How to use Ozobots " video that he created.   When they actually saw the tiny robots in person they were amazed at how small the robots were. 

Students will be able to independently use their learning to…

  • analyze the effectiveness of a procedural text.

  • combine elements of language to convey a message.

  • follow complex instructions.


  • How can I organize my ideas to make my message most effective?

  • How can I use specific language to help with clarity in my message?

  • What strategies can I use to revise my work?

  • What should I do when I don’t understand a set of instructions?

 It was a fun day of learning!