Ollie at Camey

The most complicated track was built by this group. They tested friction with a variety of materials.

This was a very cooperative group!  We were amazed!!!

To increase speed and go over the hills in their design this group noticed  the Ollie needed to have a tall place to start.

Lesson Plan

Bernadette Trammell worked with Angie Bruce in 2015 to study force and motion in 3rd grade at Camey Elementary. The goal was for students to design a successful roller coaster that demonstrates their understanding of friction, force, motion and gravity.

In 2016 they revisited this same lesson and redefined their lesson focus. The elementary science curriculum specialist and the campus STEM teacher partnered with them help expand the lesson.  Along with their initial plans, they also focused on students demonstration of their understanding through journaling and data pages; quizzes and assessments through STEMscopes. The students collected data, made charts, observations, and analyzed and interpreted patterns that revealed themselves. 

It was an exciting lesson for the students and the all of the adults involved!