1. What is a bee-bot?
    • Programmable robot / learning tool for young children
    • Can be programmed with sequences of up to 40 commands (7 buttons – 4 directions; PAUSE, CLEAR, GO)
    • Moves accurately in 15cm steps
    • Is supported by a range of accessories (play mats; sequencing cards; software)
  2.  Skill Building
    • Mathematical skills: counting, estimating distance and time, and working mathematically to solve problems.
    • Spatial Visualisation skills: the ability to mentally orientate, manipulate, track and rotate the bee-bot
    • Language Skills: especially recalling, interpreting or articulating command sequences
    • Design & Technology skills: interpreting a design challenge, generating solutions, making a plan, testing and evaluating
  3.  Problem Solving
    • Planning
    • Logical thinking
    • Solving challenges
    • Using manipulative materials/equipment
    • Drawing a diagram
    • Making a plan
    • Guess and check
    • Acting out a problem
    • Keeping track