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3 NOVA Labs - Science -For high school teachers,

It is an app.

Middle school teachers will want to preview the Labs to insert relevant classroom tasks -- possibly textbook passages, hands-on activities, or direct instruction. You’ll want to keep addressing misconceptions and help highlight key ideas. Have kids work in pairs, possibly with (teacher-created) digital or paper worksheets to organize learning. Consider requiring a teacher check-in before advancing to subsequent sections. Be aware that the site has quick links to Facebook, Twitter, etc.; provide relevant guidance to your kids.

Common Sense Media Review

Pros: This is NOVA: superb, well-narrated science videos, now used to support meaningful, (fun!), interactive tasks.

Cons: Teachers will want more tips and pre-made tools for integrating the labs and the classroom, as well as options to accelerate or support students.

Bottom Line: Serious, sophisticated science engagement -- but be prepared to take some prep time to connect these labs with your classroom.