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1 Bookmarks for Research

Lewisville Databases - 

This site has the usernames and passwords posted.

If I had to pick the number one resources LISD to facilitate learning it would be these databases.  

Opinion - My favorite (and it has changed so much since its first release years ago) is Log in - click browse.

Tutorials are on the main tab also, if you need them.

Define your search limiting the data with a multitude of options.  The actual books are not located in here. This is a teacher resource. 

Example: I wanted a LEGALLY recorded book for my kids to listen to in a reading center. - (some sites require flash - use a MacBook Pro or Air to access this reading or pick a different book). They have only linked to sites that are in copyright compliant.

Support your students' researchers with up-to-date, full-text magazines, newspapers, journals, periodicals, videos, and podcasts.

  • Enhance your institution's ability to do deep research with rare, primary source materials that are now at your fingertips digitally.
  • Bestselling titles and authors in large print, across fiction
  • Multiple Languages
  • Reading levels, tests, author interviews Audio, Google integration

Bookmarks for Research