Virtual Field Trips

3 Region 11_e-Merge Conference list of sites

  • Google Cultural Tours (companion app: Google Culture and Museum, Google Arts and Culture) -
    • 360 tours all over world.
    • 2700 tours on it right now.
    • Most have teacher materials to download to go with it. Some have scavenger hunts.
    • (Rentfro- I did not go through all of the images, however I did find some paintings that would be objectionable for K-8 in our district.)
  • 360 Cities (website free; companion app costs $1.99; companion app has option to create your own 360 tour)
    • Pretty much any city you want in the world
    • ***warning: some have European beaches with European sunbathing
    • Rentfro - static 360 photos not video guided tours - I did find one with audio of a 
  • The Alamo
    • 360 tour of alamo; “beyond the barrier”; inside rooms that are normally behind barricades
    • No audio
  • US Capitol