Virtual Field Trips

4 Safari Live

Live Daily 9:00AM-12:00PM ET and 12:30AM-3:30AM ET

  • Preview it to insure it is appropriate for your students. (For example two giraffe butt heads.  You may feel this is not appropriate.)
  • Preview all video prior to showing it to your students per the LISD movie policy of 2012.


  • They also have a looping video.  Kids can explore certain types of animals.
  • It is underwritten by National Geographic Wild.
  • It is available every single school day.
  • #SafariLive

Schools in nearly every US state and schools in Mexico, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Australia, South Africa, Belgium, and the Netherlands have participated.

In fact, you can watch it live while other schools participate (you just can't ask the presenters questions - they focus only on the schools).
This week there are 11 classes scheduled - ten in the US and one in Belgium.

Watch it here - safariLIVE

Times for this week are:
May 30 - 11:30 am (ET)
May 31 - 09:00 am (ET)
June 1 - 09:00 am (ET)
June 2 - 09:00 am (ET)

We will go live to South Africa during my will be amazed!!

Info can be found here: -