Google Expedition

1 Google Expedition Visits Briarhill MS

1.2 How do I get it?

 Google Expedition app just released today for Android users!

iPads and iPhones will follow soon!

• Guide classroom-sized groups of locally connected users from your phone or tablet.
• Explore along with a guide in immersive VR by putting your Android phone into a Google Cardboard viewer ( or use an Android tablet or phone in 2D “magic window” mode.
• Connect devices over the same WiFi network - if the Guide has downloaded some Expeditions, there is no internet connectivity required to run the Expedition!
• Choose from a growing list of over 200 Expeditions - each one is a curated set of VR imagery along with integrated descriptions, talking points and questions.


• 30: Student Devices 
• 30: Mattel View-Masters® 
• 3: Sabrent Rapid Chargers 
• 1: Insignia™ Teacher Device 
• 1: TP-Link Router 
• 1: Pelican Case 
• Geek Squad® White Glove Service

Bundle Price: $9,9991

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