Alternative Power

3 Solar Car Challenge:

This is the program I initially mentioned to you.  High school students design, build (from scratch), and race totally solar-powered cars.  The program includes many facets of everyday business, from accounting and art .. to marketing, promotion, fund raising, aerodynamics, physics, teamwork, leadership, safety, and more.  The entire school can bee involved.  In odd-numbered years, the students race for four days around the track at Texas Motor Speedway.  In even-numbered years, teams race cross-country, starting at the Speedway, and ending in another state.  This year, the race goes from Texas to Minneapolis.  Cars operate on 100% solar energy.  The cars are required to be totally roadworthy, including a horn, turn signals, and braking systems.  Qualified students will drive the cars on backroads that have been fully assessed for suitability of the race cars.  No major highways or Interstates are ever used.  In places where no safe backroads exist, cars are put on their trailers and
transported to a safe location where they can again be driven.  The Solar Car Challenge has been around for more than 20 years.