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Virtual Field Trips

For students

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Book: Virtual Field Trips
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Date: Wednesday, August 21, 2019, 2:10 PM

Table of contents

1 The British Museum

When you enter the British Museum virtual site,  they have a timeline so students can get a visual feel for where in history they are visiting.

The color coded regions are divided into:

On the right a menu allows you to narrow your the search of their materials by:

Audio is included!!!! When you select an item from the time line it appears in a static image. You may hear the audio file, view the map for the original location of the object, and view related objects.

2 The Louvre

The Louvre is one of  the most progressive museum when it comes to bringing in visitors virtually.


Navigate at the top of the page to search the collection and to study thematic units with a narrow focus.

3 Region 11_e-Merge Conference list of sites

4 Safari Live

Live Daily 9:00AM-12:00PM ET and 12:30AM-3:30AM ET


Schools in nearly every US state and schools in Mexico, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Australia, South Africa, Belgium, and the Netherlands have participated.

In fact, you can watch it live while other schools participate (you just can't ask the presenters questions - they focus only on the schools).
This week there are 11 classes scheduled - ten in the US and one in Belgium.

Watch it here - safariLIVE

Times for this week are:
May 30 - 11:30 am (ET)
May 31 - 09:00 am (ET)
June 1 - 09:00 am (ET)
June 2 - 09:00 am (ET)

We will go live to South Africa during my will be amazed!!

Info can be found here: - 

safariLIVE Resources

5 Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

View the museum in 3D Museum of National History

This is not a guided tour, it is self-paced, thus manual clicking is required.

6 Generation Beyond: Lockheed Martin- Virtual Field Trip

Watch videos on demand, hear from experts, get lesson plans, educator guide, and family activities.

7 The Palace of Versailles

Each major room is featured in a 360 view, and a reference is given as to the location on a palace map. The auditory must be read aloud.

8 World Wide Sites

Fullscreen spherical (360x180) panoramas. 
Visit the Gallery for virtual tours and panoramas.

You must click from location to location within a site (no narration). It feels like you are there. I visited Tulum last year. You have a sense of what it is like to visit today.  An interesting lesson might be to compare the ancient site and people with the modern tourist site.

Tours include:

and more..

9 Vatican

This is amazing!!!

The Sistine Chapel is beautiful. This has an explanation of the art and the biblical stories are mentioned. Naturally,  it is based on the Catholic faith.

Information from the page:

"The 3D Virtual Tours are an extraordinary and innovative experience offering anyone who wishes to visit the Vatican to do so online – from anywhere in the world accompanied by a guided tour.

Our 3D virtual tours bring you inside the Vatican with accurate 3D replicas of the Vatican institutions and sites such as the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica and more!

Based on cutting edge technology and mastery work of 3D artists - our virtual tour is true to reality.

Our team of artists, developers and writers create each 3D tour with a great emphasis on the atmosphere of the Vatican site its colors, shapes, symmetry, sizes, compositions and proportions. Every element of the 3D virtual tour is designed to convey the true feeling of being in the Vatican with the extra feature of receiving a guided tour.

We work with leading counselors, experts and top advisers, in Rome and Vatican City and other related organizations, on every aspect of the Vatican 3D virtual tours so you can be sure that the content on the website is very reliable."