Unit 6/7 quiz



1. Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the eye membranes that cause redness, discomfort, and discharge.

2. Lice is a skin disorder in which pores in the skin are clogged with oil.


3. REM is a disorder in which there are brief interruptions of breathing during sleep.


4. Agility allows you to change directions quickly.


5. Aerobic exercise is holding a stretch for 15-30 seconds.


6. Drug misuse is the incorrect use of a prescription or OTC drug.


7. The amount of a drug taken at one time is a side effect.


8. The general name for a disease in which a person has a dependence on alcohol is called alcoholism.


9. Exhaled and side stream smoke also is called secondhand smoke.


10. A drug that speeds up the central nervous system is called marijuana.


11. Astigmatism is a refractive error in which an irregular shape of the cornea causes blurred vision


12. Isotonic exercise allows you to change direction quickly-


13. Skill-related fitness forces acts against muscles in this exercise


14. Drug misuse is the intentional use of a drug without medical or health reasons- FALSE


15. Generic-name drug is a drug that has the same ingredients as a brand-name drug


17. Carcinogen is any chemical know to cause cancer


18. THC is found in cocaine


19. A painkiller produced from morphine are called narcotics


20. Steroids are drugs made up from hormones