Healthy Diet and Fitness program In Computer lab 11/19 and 11/20

Health Power Point Project

Coach Schildt




This PowerPoint Unit 5 Nutrition Unit 6 Fitness


There will be a requirement of a minimum of 30 slides. Graphics and animations should be included. Your creativity is your limit.


Your Power Point will include nutritional planning for a 30 day period to include any modifications to your current nutritional dietary results from your weekly-recorded information to reflect any goals for general improvement, weight loss or gain.

It must also include a complimentary exercise program for 30 days.



Grading on this project will be determined on full completion of 30 slides, interpretation of nutritional and fitness knowledge. It must have continuity from week to week to bring the two concepts together with goal setting and a healthy lifestyle as result. You must present your Power Point to the class. All work must be cited.