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Welcome to English III

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English III American Literature

Mindy Sample


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Overview: Welcome to English III and American Literature!  I hope this year proves to be a rewarding and enriching experience for each of you.  The study of the English language can often be a frightening proposition and, regretfully, it sometimes can even seem to be highly impractical.  It sometimes really is difficult to see how English class serves any function other than simply being a roadblock to getting through high school and receiving your diploma.  One of my goals is to try to make English very “practical” and “useful” to you.  Granted, there will probably be days when this goal is not realized.  But, this is where we begin.  I want to make this class as practical and useful as possible.  In every sense of the word, there is nothing you do more than use the English language.  Whether you are speaking, writing, or, yes, even sleeping (you do dream in a language don’t you?) language is involved.  And, ultimately, families, friendships, marriages, and nations are made and destroyed on the basis of one common denominator---the ability, or inability, to communicate effectively.

What does this mean in simple terms?  We will attempt to discover how language can help you be successful in life.  In crude terms, we will discover how language can help you get what you want out of life.  Do you think you need a later curfew?  Tired of your brother or sister always wearing your clothes?  Want a longer lunch period?  Hoping to get that job? Dreaming of getting into that one particular college? Want to get along better with mom and dad?  Trying to him (or her) to finally agree to go out with you?  Need more playing time on the team?  Well, all of these goals and dreams and desires begin with your ability to communicate them clearly.  This is the stuff English class is made of.

How will we do this?  Well, this depends upon you. We will spend as much time as you can responsibly handle discussing these and other issues in class….notice that I said “responsibly” handle.  We will also spend a lot of time writing about these issues.  This class will be structured just like any practice on campus.  We will practice communicating every day.  We may practice discussion one day, public speaking another, arguing or writing anther, but we will practice every day.  “But, Mr. Littleton, I don’t know how to write! I can’t do this!”  That is why I am here.  I will coach you through this process.  We will practice it over and over until you feel totally comfortable with it.  If you attend English practice every day and make an honest attempt to complete every drill, I promise you that by the end of the semester it will seem so incredibly easy that you will wonder what you were afraid of.

Course Description: This class is designed to engage you.  It begins with your story….all the stuff that makes you who you are--both good and bad--and the lenses through which you see the world.   We will take “your story” and place it in the context of your setting.  Then we will dive into the lives of other Americans both past and present. We will hear what they have to say.  We will read what they have to write.  We will begin to understand that they, too, have their own “story” in a particular place and time with their own particular lenses through which they viewed the world.  Then we will begin to help you understand your story by hearing and seeing and reading the stories of people just like you and me who changed the course of history.  You will begin the journey to becoming a powerful communicator by writing and by speaking and by listening. 

Outcomes: By the end of this course you will:

                  *recognize that literature links the past, present, and future and stimulates you to think

                  *navigate the stages of the writing process effectively

                  *write in a variety of different forms for a variety of audiences to achieve a variety of different


                  *expand your vocabulary through reading, writing, hearing and studying new words

                  *engage in discussions related to American Literature and their significance past and present

                  *develop an understanding of rhetoric and its’ usefulness to you today

*be able to formulate and articulate responses to various texts and understand their cultural and historical significance today

*examine various works of literature and recognize that they provide a commentary, enhance, and change our human experience

*understand the impact both positively and negatively of the search for freedom

*understand the impact and price of the pursuit of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”

*understand that with individual freedom comes great responsibility

*understand that we struggle physically and emotionally when freedom and survival is threatened

*understand that we have limits over what we want and limits in our ability to pursue it

*understand that people continually struggle to find their voices in a constantly changing society

Literature: We will focus on the major works detailed by the Flower Mound School district.  These major works will include the novel, American legends, short stories, speeches, sermons, films, poetry, and oral histories.

Weekly Assignments: 

Assessment:  60% major grades: tests, essays, projects/40% minor grades: homework, class work, daily work, quizzes, participation in literature discussion


In an effort to get off to a good start there are several classroom guidelines that we will adhere to.  If any of these are a problem for you, please notify me immediately. If I hear nothing from you, I will assume that you are in agreement with these guidelines.

English III Classroom Guidelines

  1. When someone is talking, listen.  Speaking when someone else is speaking will not be tolerated.  We will give each speaker our full attention at all times and foster a culture or honor and respect.
  2. Bring all classroom materials to class each day.  If you fail to do so, you have two options—sit and listen quietly or return to your locker and receive a tardy.
  3. If you need to leave the room for anything, it will cost you a tardy.  There are no exceptions to this rule.
  4. All make-up work is your responsibility.  I will not chase you down to get it.
  5. Treat everyone with respect and kindness.
  6. Keep all papers in your notebook.  If you believe there is a mistake on your grade, your notebook with all completed work will corroborate this.
  7. Keep a personal copy of all assignments turned in.
  8. You must be in your seat working when the bell rings or your will receive a tardy.  No exceptions!
  9. No food, drinks, cell phones or other media devices allowed in the room.
  10. Turn off all personal technology before entering room or it will be confiscated.
  11. All rules, procedures, and guidelines detailed in the school handbook will be adhered to fully.  Refer to it if I haven’t detailed something here.